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For your development references the following is a list of documents supporting the Flo2Cash services.

  • Web Payments - Hosted Payment Page Manual

    Our Web Payments service provides an easy and cost-effective solution to processing credit card payments
    quickly and securely, from either within your own site or through a secure page by Flo2Cash. This manual
    contains implementation examples and reflects the best suited implementation examples for your site. In
    addition, Web Payments supports all Scheme Cards, including China UnionPay cards.

  • Recurring Payments Integration - Cards and Direct Debits online

    The Flo2Cash Recurring Payments is designed for businesses who wish to set up recurring payments online
    from their websites. Customers have the option to set up a recurring payment using their credit cards, Scheme
    debit cards or from their bank account. Once set up, the recurring payments are recorded in Flo2Cash and
    payments automatically processed on the payment dates.

  • Direct Debit Payments - Web Service Manuals

    The Flo2Cash Direct Debit Web Service API provides web methods for interaction with the Direct Debit transactions
    and their respective functions.

  • Flo2Cash Payment Web Service Manual

    The Flo2Cash Web Payments Service API offers a number of web methods allowing interaction with our system
    including creating new transactions from a token, interfacing with the card token system and interfacing with
    the recurring card payments system.

  • Mobile Gateway

    Flo2cash Mobile Gateway is designed for Mobile Application vendors /merchants who wish to develop applications
    with payment capability. The Flo2Cash Mobile Gateway allows your mobile applications to accept credit card payment
    in Flo2Cash's secure hosted environment.

  • Xero Integration User Guide

    Flo2Cash has made it easy for your customers to pay you online
    The Xero Integration User Guide shows the steps required to integrate your Flo2Cash accounts with Xero
    Online Invoicing

  • Demo System Manuals

    The Demo system provides the users with the ability to test out the functionality of the Flo2Cash payment
    solutions prior to going live.This quick guide outlines the key features and services available to users
    running the Demo system along with test card numbers and details.